Legent Records

We are looking for more talent and also have many remix opportunity’s so if you or know someone who has some unreleased tracks the Legent Records team would love to hear them. You can send via email demo(at)legentrecords.com
Founded in 2009 Legend Records is a record label formed by the merger of the experience with the passion for the all style of ‘HOUSE’ music and the electronic music. The intent of the founders is to produce highly quality music, also anchored to the ‘sound’ of the past and the future. Legent Records artists included Paul Lock , Tony To Van ,DreamFunker , Karl Roberts , Djsakisp , Miles Subang , Sven Pas , Cali Miles and more .Our releases have receive support from well-known DJs such as Dada Life , Sander kleinenberg, Kid Massive, Agent Greg , Kosmas Epsilon ,Niki Belucci , Nicola Gala , Pizza Brothers , Serafim Tsotsonis , Tolis Q and many more…
Legent Records distributes his music in more than 50 digital stores in which you can find your selected repertoire and exclusive.

Website : www.legentrecords.com
Facebook : https://soundcloud.com/legentrecords
Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/legentrecords
Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/user/legentrecords