Scooter – Scooter Forever

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Scooter – Always Look on the Bright Side of Life

Scooter – As the Years Go By

Scooter – Burning Phibes

Scooter – Foreplay

Scooter – In Rave We Trust

Scooter – Kiss Goodnight

Scooter – Lost in Love

Scooter – Lost in Space

Scooter – Sacred Cycles

Scooter – Scooter Forever

Scooter – Shooting Stars (Move It To The Left)

Scooter – Symmetry C

Scooter – Tales of Mystery

Scooter – The Darkside

Scooter – The First Rebirth

Scooter – The House of House

Scooter – The Roof

Scooter – Unfuture

Scooter – Universal Nation

Scooter – Wall of China (See the Light)

Scooter – When I’m Raving

Scooter – Wild and Wicked

Scooter & Dave202 – Kill the Cat

Scooter & Jebroer – My Gabber

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