Gostan Feat. Wasteland, Astrid Ripepi – City Of Angels [OUT NOW]

The City of Angels… To quote The Big Lebowski, The Bearded Man didn’t quite find it to be that exactly. From Skid Row to South Central, there’s no shortage of oddball characters in Los Angeles. Of course, it’s a well known fact that the weirdest weirdos of all live in Beverly Hills — there’s no limit to the absurd amount of maniacs, degenerates, freaks and deranged individuals out there, but still, there’s a certain inescapable charm that wafts in amidst the fragrant smells of street urine. Yes, the streets may be cracked, the infrastructure may be in shambles, but, BUT! But. Where else can The Bearded Man blast a jam like this one 24/7/365 and it’s always appropriate? For those who love music and the beach side of life, the City of Angels will always be where it’s at.

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