Justin Prime – Insane (Extended Mix)

Justin Prime – Insane (Extended Mix) [MASSIVE !!!][Pre-Order @ DJTunes] - Absolutely carnage. If anything, Justin Prime has conjured just that through his latest single on Skink. The Dutchman came up with this ravaging mixture of rock-solid beats, crude lead synths and main stage madness. The man is on fire and this tune is ‘Insane’!

Amersy & Romeo Blanco feat. Brad Mair – Change (Club Mix) [Unreleased, out tomorrow April 18]

Amersy & Romeo Blanco feat. Brad Mair – Change (Romeo’s TML Mix)

Amersy & Romeo Blanco feat. Brad Mair – Change (Short Mix)

Crystal Lake & DJ Isaac – Pirates (Extended Mix) [Pre-Order @ DJTunes] - Our favorite Electronic Music scallywags have ventured into turbulent waters while sailing the Trice seas. Having crafted up this ruthless cut to plunder the richest of festival grounds with, Crystal Lake and DJ Isaac show why they stand-out from the one-eyed Blackbeards and the mediocre marauders of this world. They are not mere musicians. They are ‘Pirates’.

Crystal Lake & DJ Isaac – Pirates (Radio Edit)

DJ Kuba & Neitan feat. Nicci – Drop The Beat (Original Mix) [Pre-Order @ DJTunes]

DJ Kuba & Neitan feat. Nicci – Drop The Beat (VIP Mix)

Fox Stevenson – Get Strange

Fox Stevenson – Hello?

Fox Stevenson – Radar [Pre-Order @ iTunes]

Fox Stevenson – Saloon

Nicky Romero & Nile Rodgers – Future Funk (Giocatori Remix)

Nicky Romero & Nile Rodgers – Future Funk (Sam Void Remix) [Pre-Order @ iTunes]

Nicky Romero & Nile Rodgers – Future Funk (S-Man Remix)

Noah Neiman & We Are Rome feat. Corey Ferrugia – Paradise (Extended Mix) [Pre-Order @ DJTunes] - Bringing the musical equivalent of ‘Paradise’ to Orjan Nilsen’s In My Opinion imprint, Noah Neiman and We Are Rome hit the world with their specific skill sets. Teaming up with vocalist Corey Ferrugia to craft up this spellbinding composition and piece of magic in one, they bring exactly that kind of treasure we scour the earth for. This is the record you turn to when you’re looking to be captivated.

Qulinez & Sex Panther – In My Arms (Extended Mix) [Pre-Order @ DJTunes] - Bring on the celebratory cake, the man-sized speaker set, and the full-blown party; Qulinez and Sex Panther are here with a kick-ass tune. The Swedish duo and LA-based titan bring hard-hitting, progressive and vocal powerhouse ‘In My Arms’ to Armada Music and show exactly where sick production skills can make you end up at. At the pinnacle of the Electronic Music calendar, as far as we’re concerned.

Qulinez & Sex Panther – In My Arms (Radio Edit)

Rameses B feat. Anna Yvette – Neon Rainbow

Rockaforte – Restless (Extended Mix) [Pre-Order @ DJTunes] - Rising as Rockaforte’s second offering to the Armada Deep imprint, this is a tune that will surely let your mind drift and thoughts wander. Engulfing your senses with its distinct vibes, lush atmospheres and enthralling chord progressions, ‘Restless’ is a record that will never ever lose its charm. In fact, it gets even more captivating the more you listen to it.

Sikdope – Snakes [Unreleased, out tomorrow April 18]

The Cliqque – MATCH (Original Mix) [Pre-Order @ DJTunes] - Those of you who’ve been searching for that ultimate ‘match‘, stop looking! We found ours and share it with you now! The Cliqque is back with another banger at TurnItUp! These guys, who founded Neonsplash and now travel the world together as DJs, teamed up to create this massive record and added a little vocal from that one love app you all know is a guilty pleasure… Check it out, tap that play button, become part of The Cliqque and finally, find your MATCH!

Ampyre – The Human Mind (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Ampyre – The Human Mind (Radio Edit)

Da Tweekaz feat. MC D – The Hitmen (Midnight Mafia Anthem 2016) (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Da Tweekaz feat. MC D – The Hitmen (Midnight Mafia Anthem 2016) (Radio Version)

Miss K8 – Battlefield (Original Mix)

Miss K8 – Blackout (Original Mix)

Miss K8 – Breathless (Furyan Remix)

Miss K8 – Gravit8 (Original Mix)

Miss K8 – Icebreaker (Original Mix)

Miss K8 – Liquid8 (Ophidian Remix)

Miss K8 – Magnet (Original Mix)

Miss K8 – No More Jokes (Unexist Remix)

Miss K8 – The Poison (Original Mix)

Miss K8 – Ultimate (Original Mix)

Miss K8 & Angerfist – Bloodrush (Destructive Tendencies Remix)

Miss K8 & Angerfist – Bogota (Original Mix)

Miss K8 & Mc Nolz – Raiders Of Rampage (Official Masters Of Hardcore 2016 Anthem)

Miss K8 & Noize Suppressorv – Slam (Original Mix)

Miss K8 & Radical Redemption feat. Mc Nolz – Scream (Original Mix)

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