Genairo Nvilla & Born Loud – W. T. F. (Original Mix)

Genairo Nvilla & Born Loud – W. T. F. (Original Mix) [MASSIVE !!!][Buy @ Beatport] - Genairo Nvilla and Born Loud are two successful house DJs/producers from The Netherlands who teamed up in the studio for a collab. The result is a new track that blends the unique King Of Drums sound of Genairo Nvilla and the Vocal chops of Born Loud to perfection. Title track W.T.F. has an energetic rhythm with a catchy vocal that will definitely keep the crowds moving. Genairo Nvilla & Born Loud present what they do best: fabricating straight up dance floor bullets!

TRU Concept feat. Romany – Show Me (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - TRU Concept are swiftly turning into Armada Deep regulars and they’ve got a list of well-produced hits to show for it. Emerging as another one of those solid creations is ‘Show Me‘, filled with soaring chord stabs and a gorgeous vocal contribution. In sum, a record you should definitely check out.

Adam Marshall – Seen Is Collapse (Original Mix)

Adam Marshall – Sunless See (Original Mix)

AmVicious x Subceptron x YUMMiE – Nothing Left (Original Mix)

AmVicious x Subceptron x YUMMiE – Nothing Left (YUMMiE VIP)

Bok Bok & Neana – Foxtrot (Neana Bootleg)

Bok Bok & Neana – Nightshade (Original Mix)

Commodo – Set It Straight (Original Mix)

Commodo – Solid Gold Telephone (Original Mix)

DaVIP – One Big Thing (Original Mix)

DaVIP – Unexpected (Original Mix)

Deltanine & Prismatic – Afternow (Original Mix)

Deltanine & Prismatic – Brainforest (Original Mix)

Deltanine & Prismatic – Swampkid (Original Mix)

Deltanine & Prismatic – Swampkid (SOULULAR Remix)

Fulgeance – G.I.T.E.M. (Original Mix)

Fulgeance – Jam-Head (Original Mix)

Fulgeance – Oh! (Claude Remix)

Fulgeance – Oh! (Original Mix)

Fulgeance – The Phoenix (Dollkraut Remix)

Fulgeance – The Phoenix (Original Mix)

Kastle – Apart Protocol (Original Mix)

Kastle – Ghost (Original Mix)

Kastle – Tension At the Surface (Original Mix)

Klipar – Let Loose (Original Mix)

Klipar – Petta (Original Mix)

Klipar – Viragem (Original Mix)

Macabre Unit – Everyday Life (Original Mix)

Macabre Unit – Juggernaut (Original Mix)

Macabre Unit – Slow Jam (Original Mix)

Macabre Unit – Take Time (Original Mix)

Nathan Barato – Wobble Back (Original Mix)

Nathan Barato feat. Sasha Brown – Talk On (Original Mix)

ORBiTE & DJ VIEW – Clash (Original Mix)

ORBiTE & DJ VIEW – Core Destruct (Original Mix)

ORBiTE & DJ VIEW – Death’s Row (Original Mix)

ORBiTE & DJ VIEW – Faded (Original Mix)

Oski – 100 Shot Flow (Original Mix)

Oski – Horns (Original Mix)

Oski feat. King Space – Senses (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – All The Way (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – Alone Tonight (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – Blicka Blicka (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – Dance (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – Find My Way (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – Heavy As Feathers (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – Love (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – Paid Back Loans (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – Past Future (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – Still I Fight On (Original Mix)

Rome Fortune – What Can You Do (Original Mix)

Subfiltronik – Blood Goblinz (2015)

Subfiltronik – Blood Goblinz (Infekt Remix)

Subfiltronik – Blood Goblinz (Original Mix)

Subfiltronik – Blood Goblinz (VIP)

Twofold – Fracture (Original Mix)

Twofold – Incursion (False Panic Remix)

Twofold – Incursion (Original Mix)

UBX127 – Flares (Original Mix)

UBX127 – Grids I (Original Mix)

UBX127 – Grids II (Original Mix)

UBX127 – Sprites (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Belly Of The Beast (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Chaos & Commotion (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – D.E.A.D. (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Do Suttin’ (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Gimme The Mic (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Psychopath (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Questions & Answers (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – RAG$ (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Rainy Season (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Shadows (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Wanna Be Me (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate – Watch Your Back (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate feat. Jim-E Mayer – Insane (Original Mix)

Virus Syndicate feat. Persia – F Wid Me (Original Mix)

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