Eddie Thoneick – Feel the Soul (Original Mix)

Eddie Thoneick – Feel the Soul (Original Mix) [MASSIVE !!!][Buy @ Beatport] - It is set to be a Happy New Year from Staar Traxx, the first release of 2016, head honcho Tom Staar has enlisted the production wizardry of an industry legend! After a long break in the studio, German genius Eddie Thoneick returns to form with the incredible percussive masterpiece that is “Feel the Soul“. Originally premiered by both Kryder and Tom Staar, this track is pulsating, rolling “tech room”, big house music at its finest incarnation. Right from the off, the groove of the rolling tom drums builds the tension like a musical elastic band being wound up. The initial drop brings up the toms but the pumping kick drum cuts through, but that is not all. The main breakdown is as emotive as it is instructive, with massive diva vocals directing you to ‘Feel the Soul‘. That really tells you what this record is about, soul, feeling, movement. Eddie Thoneick is bringing a new wave of sound to Staar Traxx.

Richard Grey – Without Me (Original Mix) [HUGE !!!][Buy @ Beatport] - Richard Grey‘s ability to make head turning music in undeniable. Genre jumping from house to electro he seamlessly blends styles to create huge tracks that dominate dancefloors, as well as the charts. This is no exception, taking classic hip hop feels and reinventing it completely to a mainstage monster!

Aeroloid – Round & Round (Original Mix)

Alvar & Millas – Chasing Our Future (Club Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Basslin3 – Dangerous

Chris Leno – Chemistry (VIP Mix)

Daav One – You & Me (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Dan Price (PL) – Lost (Original Mix)

Dan Price (PL) feat. Bibi Provence – Turn (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Eduardo Garcia – Like This (Original Mix)

Frocs – Rave Bass (Original Mix)

Hawk4 – Modesty (Original Mix)

Hot Shit! – Many Times (Original Mix)

Quiet Disorder – Dubby Rubby (Original Mix)

Ron Reeser – Lock & Load (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Scissors – Rockafella (Original Mix)

Spiller feat. S.E.B. – Groovejet (We Are Nuts! Remix)

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