ChildsPlay & Onderkoffer – Bad Bae (Original Mix)

ChildsPlay & Onderkoffer – Bad Bae (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Currently firing on all cylinders, Chuckie‘s Dirty Dutch imprint now drops a wonderfully unique and inimitable cut from ChildsPlay & Onderkoffer. The pair team up to deliver a bass-heavy bomb that has a frenetic energy and an exotic atmosphere with “Bad Bae“. Initially getting underway amongst a low-slung and hazy atmosphere, the track soon jolts into full on party mode courtesy of some wall-shaking sub-bass, driving beats, frenzied synths and wild FX. Ghetto vocals inject a fresh attitude and swagger into the mix but it is the thumping drums that really take the driving seat. Upfront and uncompromising to the last, “Bad Bae” merges house, techno and electro with world music sounds and hip-hop in a way that only Dirty Dutch can pull off!

2Night & 2907 – Do It Like This (Diamn Remix)

2Night & 2907 – Do It Like This (Original Mix)

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Ben Delay feat. Alexandra Prince – The Boy Is Mine (Mark Lower Remix)

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DJ Diass – In The Morning (Original Mix)

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Enoch – Baracuda (Original Mix)

Fernando Lopez Pina – Redemption (Original Mix)

Ferry – Hammer (Original Mix)

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Gux Jimenez & Juan Diazo – Signal (Original Mix)

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K&J Project – The Green Island (Original Mix)

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Totemlost – Prototype (Original Mix)

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White Zoo – Life Support (Original Mix)

Zuubi – Come Home (Original Mix)

Zuubi – Holograms (Original Mix)

Zuubi – Ride The Waves (Original Mix)

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