Elchinsoul Vibrations 008 Live Set

Tracklist :

1.Groovin Attitude byWally Stryk
2.Snookies byApollo 84
3.Deep Than Deep (Wally Stryk remix)by Elchinsoul, Alexander Boca
4.Still Hot (Okabi remix)by Mad Us
5.Cristoph-Let It Go (Exacta Remix)
6.RockyRocky- The Wall (Original Mix)
7.Let It Go (Exacta remix)byCristoph
8.The Wall by Rockyrocky
9.Transmittance by Cristoph
10.Felipe Cobos-Airam Sknurt (Original Mix)
11.The Illusionist by Doorly, Hauswerks
12.Pilates by Sebastien Leger
13.Barber- Phase 2 Face
14.One More Reason, Holly-Fear (Original Mix)
15.One More Reason, Holly-Rok feat Marie Tinti (Original Mix)


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