Lucky Date & Sartek – Don’t Need Love (Original Mix)

Lucky Date & Sartek – Don’t Need Love (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] – After the raging success of Lucky Date’s ‘Firebird’ with Toby Green, the Revealed mainstay has poured his talents into a more energetic, kinetic and exhilarating brand of progressive house and with the forward thinking contributions of Sartek, ‘Don’t Need Love’ proves to be one of Revealed’s finest offerings of the year. Alternating between fierce, pulsating blasts of bass heavy grooves and stunning celestial breakdowns, the track is a culmination of the abilities of two of the year’s most outstanding artists. Sartek brings to the table his futuristic take on the genre, and a sleekly produced arsenal of impeccably engineered textures, whilst Lucky Date adds his unmistakable exhilarating beats and party starting attitude.

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