Mightyfools – Bounce That (Original Mix)

Mightyfools – Bounce That (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Mightyfools – Blow Ya Mind (Original Mix)

Mightyfools – MFA (Original Mix)

Mightyfools & Boogshe – Girl on Girl (Original Mix)

Activator – Rocking By Myself (Extended Mix)

Activator – The King Of Pop (Extended Mix)

Ampyre & Paulistos – Eurotrip (Original Mix)

Ampyre & Paulistos – Salvation (Original Mix)

Artifact – The End Of All (Original Mix)

Artifact – The End Of All (Radio Edit)

ESSEX – Pattern 10 (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Leaping to the forefront of modern-day Trance music, ESSEX hits up Garuda for a smashing tune. ‘Pattern 10‘ is the embodiment of pounding basslines, solid beats and lush chords, readily making for the highlight of any festival or club night. If this doesn’t strike your fancy, there’s not a lot of music left that can.

Florence + The Machine – Delilah (Galantis Remix) [100000/10]

Hatom – Industry Of Steel Fuckers (Original Mix)

Henry Fong & Morten – Wine Dem Himalaya (Bounce Inc. Edit) [100000/10]

Kill The Noise & Dillon Francis – Turkey On Wheels [100000/10]

Krowdexx – Future (Original Mix)

Kura & Tony Junior – King Kong (Beatz Freq & Mountblaq & Ranger Bootleg) [100000/10]

Markus Hakala – Unbreakable (Original Mix)

Nicolas Calderon – Colorful (Original Mix)

Paulistos & Amaros – Entity (Original Mix)

Paulistos & Ampyre – Army Of Shadows (Original Mix)

Paulistos & D-Mon – Fierce (High Level Remix)

Paulistos & D-Mon & Ampyre feat. Evrae Altana – Unbroken (Original Mix)

Paulistos & D-Mon & High Level – Circus Of Horror (Original Mix)

Paulistos & D-Mon & High Level – Heroes Reloaded (Original Mix)

Paulistos & High Level feat. Amiro – In My Veins (Original Mix)

Paulistos feat. Claire – Judgement Day (Ampyre Remix)

Paulistos feat. Evrae Altana – We Are Free (D-Mon & Paulistos Remix)

Paulistos feat. La Gioia – Our Power (Amaros Remix)

Paulistos feat. La Gioia – Our Power (Original Mix)

Paulistos feat. Squire Zama – Round One (Original Mix)

Sam Laxton – The Rise (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - As featured on Pure Trance Radio back in October as an ID, this is a track Solarstone instantly snapped up upon its arrival in the demo box. Newcastle (UK) producer Sam Laxton (or Samuel to his Mum) is the man behind the knobs on this straight-for-the-jugular tune. No frills or un-necessary trimmings, just honest-to-goodness uplifting and slamming Pure Trance music.

Sill & Sell – Apollo (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Sill & Sell – Ladies & Jumpers (Original Mix)

Sill & Sell – Reaching Out (Space Mix)

Sill & Sell – Way Back Home (Vocal Mix)

Twist3d Boys – We Are Bouncers (Original Mix)

Zak & Fire Flame – Get Em High (Original Mix)

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