Daddy’s Groove & JAXX DA FISHWORKS feat. $andhiv – I Stay True (Original Mix)

Daddy’s Groove & JAXX DA FISHWORKS feat. $andhiv – I Stay True (Original Mix) [100000/10] - For Sosumi‘s next release Italian producers Daddy’s Groove partner up with Japanese DJ JAXX DA FISHWORKS to bring this infectious electro tinged track.

ACTI – This Is Subground (Original Mix)

BLOQSHOT – Photon (Original Mix) [Buy @ DJTunes]

Emdeka feat. LeeKim – Grey to Gold (Original Mix) [Buy @ DJTunes] - Emdeka returns to Armada Deep with a superb feel-good tune. Unleashing their beachside sounds through lush chords, funky rhythms and LeeKim’s gorgeous vocals, ‘Grey To Gold’ is their way of saying summer never really ends. Thank goodness for that, otherwise these tunes couldn’t be enjoyed under the best circumstances.

Florian Picasso – Want It Back (Origami) [Extended Mix] [Buy @ iTunes]

Hellberg – Better (Original Mix) [Buy @ DJTunes] - Offering a gorgeous breakdown, luscious chords and a striking tune altogether, Hellberg delivers something special all right. Hailing from Stockholm, the Swedish DJ and producer turns to Zouk Recordings with ‘Better’ and proves once and for all that his work is in no way inferior to the leading tunes of the moment. While checking out this tremendous record, you will conclude the same.

Party Killers & Syskey – Atlas (Original Mix) [Buy @ DJTunes] - Taking the party to your living room, Party Killers and Syskey have joined forces and crafted ‘Atlas’. Blending powerful synths with driving basslines and their personal touch of progressive, ‘Atlas’ is ready to emanate from your sound system indefinitely, as this is that one tune you’ll be wanting to hear on repeat forever.

Steve Anderson & Aimoon – Stay (Original Mix)

Steve Anderson & Aimoon – Stay (Witness45 Remix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Sultan + Shepard vs. Felix Leiter – BWU (Original Mix) [Buy @ iTunes]

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