JETFIRE & Mr.Black feat. Sonny Wilson – BoomBox (Extended Mix)

JETFIRE & Mr.Black feat. Sonny Wilson – BoomBox (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - This one goes out to the clubs, JETFIRE & Mr.Black pumping their beats while Sonny Wilson toasts his way to the floor. Sweet ragga vibes take hold before a strong electro drop takes things over, combining best of both worlds. And you’ll feel it all, this is a straight up heavy hitter, BoomBox in your face!

Chocolate Puma & Tommie Sunshine feat. DJ Funk – Scrub The Ground (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Chocolate Puma and Tommie Sunshine are taking things to the dirty side of house music. Nasty beats and a freak performance by DJ Funk already get this groove pumping. When the bass drops the vibe goes insane, high energy performance, floor satisfaction guaranteed.

Chuckie – The Future (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Dirty Dutch main man Chuckie continues to cast his net far and wide right now. Pulling in huge waves of fans from various genres around the world with his groundbreaking Traphall and explosive Dirty Dutch releases, the chief party-starter is well and truly bringing the Chuckie vibe on a global scale. Two months after his last release on Dirty Dutch, he takes the reigns once again, locking into a powerful, rolling house sound with “The Future“. The new track represents more of a stripped back sound for Chuckie, finding its potency through the depth and power of the bass that surges throughout. The sheer strength of the combination of rolling bassline and stabbing synths creates a momentum that sweeps you along with the track. Deft use of percussive claps and echoed vocal samples add a sense of swing and personality that arms “The Future” with a fresh, self-assured attitude. Chuckie has heard the future and it has never sounded better!

Kryder, Tom Staar & The Wulf – De Puta Madre (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Hotblooded material from Kryder, Tom Staar & The Wulf. The team delivers a sweet groove adding melodic horns and wobbly bassline to really get the exotic vibe going on. When the latin American vocals and live percussion kick in, the sweat is already dripping from the walls. De Puta Madre what a record!

KURA & Tony Junior – King Kong (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Big steps taken here by KURA and Tony Junior as the guys work up a sturdy electro groove before unleashing some really heavy sounds. It’s all buildup from there, working up the energy to a screeching drop that’s gonna get crowds moving for sure. King Kong will rock your world!

Lucky Date & Toby Green – Firebird (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Stompy percussion, buzzing synth motifs and dirty basslines, all build into a gritty drop that should whip crowds into a frenzy. ‘’Firebird’ is a track of interesting contrasts, with a mix of elements that offer up plenty of variety. The infectious lead riff has hints of big-room trance, whereas the bass end of the track features plenty of dirty electro charm. On paper, it might sound like an odd mix, but it’s a testament to the duo’s talents in the studio that it works flawlessly well, making for a well rounded and powerful track that delights in throwing surprises at you with every break, build, and drop. It certainly bodes well for the duo’s future, and we can only hope this is the first of many electrifying collaborations between them. With plenty of support already from the likes of label-boss Hardwell, ‘Firebird’ looks ready to smash its way up the Beatport charts.

Pep & Rash x Shermanology – Sugar (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Deep stuff from wonder duo Pep & Rash working with the magic sounds of Shermanology. On the one hand cool grooves, dirty bass lines and Pep & Rash trademark rhythmics, on the other hand sweet piano chords and beautiful vocals, Sugar works on different levels but gets things going every time!

Ralvero & Jimmy Clash – Trivia (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Sweet melodic, progressive grooves brought here by Ralvero & Jimmy Clash. The breakdown sweeps you away as the melody gains strength, the vocal effects making things all the better. Once it all drops, the floor will be in a frenzy, Trivia is all you need for a lively high in every DJ set.

Shapov vs. M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K. – Dream About It (Original Mix)

Shapov vs. M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K. – Everybody (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Consistently challenging expectations, Shapov returns to Axtone alongside allies M.E.G. & N.E.R.A.K. in the form of their genre-denying ‘Everybody EP‘. With extensive support from the likes of Diplo, Alesso and Hardwell, Everybody is becoming a set highlight among DJs, combining House and Hip-Hop, while Dream About It utilises hypnotic pianos and drums to create dark club atmosphere.

VINAI – Techno (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - The more the better, that’s all you need to know from VINAI, the Italian powerhouse dropping another climax here. Techno features a familiar vocal adding an overwhelming drop filed with synth stabs, high energy drums and effects. Pounding stuff made for a mainstage highlight, the more is the better!

Walden – Auru (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

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