D-Wayne – Never Had (Extended Mix)

D-Wayne – Never Had (Extended Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Energy unleashed as D-Wayne presents his new single Never Had. Sweet chords dominate the track, working up to a melodic drop and crystal clear vocals. From then on it’s hands in the air and kicking it till the rave stops. Crowdpleasing material right here!

Adana Twins – Heroe (Instrumental Version)

Adana Twins – Heroe (Original Mix)

AFFKT & Moy Santana – Analog Craving (Original Mix)

Ammo Avenue – King Kong (Original Mix)

Ant Brooks – Transfer (Original Mix)

Antonio Santana – Hot (Original Mix)

Antony Toga – Come On (Original Mix)

Antony Toga – Make Me Feel Like I’m Your Toy (Original Mix)

Antony Toga – Shake It High (Original Mix)

Anything Else – Look, Listen (Original Mix)

Assaf, Laura Aqui – After Dark (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Ben Lemonz – Side 2 Side (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Bijou, Ryan Collins – Get Money (Original Mix)

Crazibiza, DragonFly – Got The Love (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

D.S.F – Need You Tonight (Original Mix)

Da Fresh – Move Your Body (Original Mix)

Da Fresh – Red Eyes (Alberto Ruiz Remix)

Da Fresh – Red Eyes (Original Mix)

Definition – Black Clouds (Original Mix)

Definition – My Feel (Original Mix)

Dirtcaps feat. Tjindjara – Bad Habit (Radio Edit) [Buy @ Beatport]

Dirty Freek, Le’ Funnk, Reload, Velma – My Love Is Deep (Original Mix)

Doug English – Carport (Original Mix)

D-Unity – One More Chance (Peter Bailey Remix)

Filous, James Hersey – How Hard I Try (Gianni Kosta Remix)

Filthy French – Funky$hit (Clyde P Remix)

Filthy French – Funky$hit (Marks, Oz Remix)

FK Panda – Crimson (Original Mix)

FK Panda – High At Night (Original Mix)

Flux Pavilion – What You Gonna Do About It (Original Mix)

Flux Pavilion, Andrea Martin – Never See the Light (Original Mix)

Flux Pavilion, Big Voyage, JakkCity – Shoot Me (Original Mix)

Flux Pavilion, BullySongs – Ironheart (Original Mix)

Flux Pavilion, Matthew Koma – Emotional (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Flux Pavilion, Tom Cane – Feels Good (Original Mix)

Frey – I Don’t Want Your Number (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Frey – Just a Lil Bit (Original Mix)

Gaga – Rocking (Original Mix)

Gino G – Insidious Soul (D-Unity Remix)

Giorgia Angiuli – Choose The Harmony (Original Mix)

Giorgia Angiuli – Free (Original Mix)

Honkie – Stack of Money (Original Mix)

Jason Derulo – Cheyenne (Elephante Remix Extended)

Jorge Montia – 10 Minutes To Go (Original Mix)

Kento Lucchesi, Sugar Hill – Give to You (Original Mix)

Le Tompe, Dressman – Unreal (DIA Plattenpussys Remix)

Le Tompe, Dressman – Unreal (Le Dress Club Remix)

Le Tompe, Dressman – Unreal (Stefan Jurrack Remix)

Lennart Richter, BO$$ALENA – Bang Bang (Original Mix)

Louisahhh!!! – Want (Original Mix)

LouLou Players, Malikk – Let Me Take (Original Mix)

LouLou Players, Malikk – You Again (Original Mix)

Luca Debonaire – Stop Callin Me (Saint Tropez Caps Nu Disco Mix)

Marcos In Dub feat. Clara Brea – WE (Original Mix)

Matisse & Sadko – Memories (Cosmo & Skoro Remix)

New Kids Of The Club – Ghetto Girls (Original Mix)

Phunk Investigation – Sensation (Alberto Ruiz Remix)

Porsches – High (Original Mix)

Porsches – Karate (Original Mix)

Puka – Sexy! (Original Mix)

Raffa FL & Ultragraphic – Concerto (Original Mix)

Raffa FL & Ultragraphic – Solitude (Original Mix)

Re Dupre – O. G. Girls (Original Mix)

Rod Fussy – Ghetto (Original Mix)

Roland Clark, Definition, DefPlay – I Dream Deep (Olivier Giacomotto Remix)

Roland Clark, Definition, DefPlay – I Dream Deep (Original Mix)

Samuel Boogie – You Got My Mind (Original Mix)

Sandro Cruz – This Club! (Original Mix)

Sevag – Loneliness (Original Mix) [100000/10] - Early support from: Promise Land, Tom Swoon, Danny Avila, HIIO, Futuristic Polar Bears and Jose De Mara !!!

Sharam Jey – Give It To Me! (Original Mix)

Sharam Jey, Fennec & Wolf – The Conquest (Original Mix)

Sharam Jey, Night Talk – So Down (Original Mix)

Spartaque – Look At Me (Original Mix)

Spettro – Fried Love (Original Mix)

Spettro – Get Tropical (Original Mix)

Stage Rockers, Clyde P – Whistle (Original Mix)

Stevens, Sheree Hicks – You Want It (Original Mix)

Swanky Tunes feat. Christian Burns – Skin & Bones (Dave202 Remix)

Swanky Tunes feat. Christian Burns – Skin & Bones (Gino G Remix) [Buy @ Beatport]

The Beatangers – Freak (Original Mix)

The Guru Project, Tom Franke, Coco Star – I Need A Miracle (CJ Stone Remix)

The Rejected – Lack Of 700 (Original Mix)

The Rejected – Lack Of 700 (Willy Real & David Prap Remix)

True Story (UK) – Dark is Coming (Original Mix)

Upercent & Rafael Cerato – Mademoiselle (Original Mix)

WETO – Jump on the D (Original Mix)

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