Andrew Rayel & Mark Sixma – Chased (Original Mix)

Andrew Rayel & Mark Sixma – Chased (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Its status as sought-after ID and the feature on Armin van Buuren‘s ‘A State Of Trance Ushuaia, Ibiza 2015‘ compilation should already make for large amounts of adrenaline surging through your veins. Add the fact that two of Trance’s finest are the gifted minds behind this monstrous tune and you’ll know that suppressing the forthcoming ear-to-ear smiles and ecstatic cheers is next to impossible. With ‘Chased‘, Andrew Rayel and Mark Sixma once again prove that their success is not just the result of a lucky turn of events. It’s merely rewarding years of hard work and delivering top-tier quality music wherever they go.

Above & Beyond – Fly To New York (Above & Beyond vs. Jason Ross Club Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Alexandre Bergheau – Myths (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Alexandre Bergheau is back on Armada Captivating with another sure shot! Combining a strong riff and an even catchier melody with a legendary finishing punch you’ll only hear on the mainstage, ‘Myths‘ is that winner tune for in your sets.

Alexey Sharapoff feat. Nika Dostur – Don’t Stop (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Antonyo feat. Linda Kiraly – Let Me Be Your Fantasy (Punk Fanatic Remix)

Austin Leeds & Redhead Roman – The Sugar Mama (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Bare feat. Sabrina Kennedy – All Alone (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Ben Gold – Interstate (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Can you recall the rushes of adrenaline coursing through your veins when redefining the term ‘speed limit’? Can you feel the blasts of wind grazing your cheeks all the while you accelerate even further? Can you imagine what the musical equivalent of these unbridled sensations would sound like? No? Doesn’t matter; here it is. Ben Gold – ‘Interstate‘!

Bolier x LVNDSCAPE – Ragga (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Boogie Vice – All You Need (Kolombo & Loulou Players Remix)

Boogie Vice – All You Need (Original Mix)

Boogie Vice – All You Need (UK Mix)

Eden Prince vs. Basement Jaxx – Mermaid of Bahia (Original Mix) [Buy @ DJTunes]

Fast Distance – Frontera (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - The notion never fails to display a blend of banging basslines and lavish chords, making for magical moments deserving of a spot on Armin van Buuren‘s ‘A State Of Trance Ushuaia, Ibiza 2015‘ compilation. It harbors everything you love in music, perfectly outlined in this monster of a record: ‘Frontera‘.

George Privatti, Guille Placencia – Bolly (Original Mix)

George Privatti, Guille Placencia – Doom (Original Mix)

Hardvein – Away (Original Mix)

Ishi & Artful – Toss & Turn (Original Mix)

Jack&Jordan – Somebody (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Jack&Jordan… As much as the name allows for poetic implementations and notorious novels, it’s their ridiculously infectious tune on Armada Trice that sparks your interest. ‘Somebody‘ is the perfect display of what these guys have in store for you, blending smashing basslines with addictive melodies and meritorious sound sets. Don’t believe us? Have a listen yourself!

Kaiserdisco, Cesar Martinez – Get Up (Original Mix)

Kaiserdisco, Cesar Martinez – Get Up (Ruben Mandolini Remix)

Kasey Kaotto – Aurora (Original Mix)

Marty Fame & DJ Lvov feat. Vika Grand – Supernature (Taspin Remix)

Marty Fame & DJ Lvov feat. Vika Grand – Supernature (Yan Cloud Remix)

Marty Fame & DJ Lvov feat. Vika Grand – Supernature (Yummy Dish Remix)

Pierce Fulton – Kuaga (Lost Time) (Leon Lour Remix)

Pierce Fulton – Kuaga (Lost Time) (Matthew Heyer Remix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Pierce Fulton – Kuaga (Lost Time) (S.P.Y Remix Radio Edit)

Pierce Fulton – Kuaga (Lost Time) (The Golden Boy Remix)

Pig & Dan – Universal Love (Matador Remix)

Queco – Summer (Mhek Remix)

Queco – Summer (Original Mix)

Sad Panda – Bomber Style (Original Mix)

SAINT WKND feat. INGLSH – Lost (Runaway) (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - A beauty of a track by SAINT WKND in collaboration with INGLSH, who take delicate guitar chords adding sultry vocals and a subtle deep house rhythm. Music made for sunsets right here, a sweet summery blend of easy going dancefloor music with lovely pop elements, Lost (Runaway) is one of those tunes that works perfectly as your holiday soundtrack – timeless feelings.

Sascha Kloeber – Calling The Sun (Club Mix)

Sascha Kloeber – Calling The Sun (Club Wihtout Vocals Mix)

Sasha Goodman – D.O.M.A. (Sad Panda Remix)

Sebastien Leger – Here We Go (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Sigala – Easy Love (Re-Edit)

Sigala – Easy Love (Zinc Remix)

Sigala – Easy Love

Solid Stone – Evolution (Original Mix)

Solid Stone – Signs of the Future (Original Mix)

Tenishia – Where Do We Begin (Sunset & Saad Ayub Remix)

The Aston Shuffle feat. Max Marshall – Don’t Let Go (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

The Groove Brothers – But We Do (Original Mix)

Wayne & Woods – Lambarai (Da Rave Remix) [Buy @ Beatport]

XYconstant feat. Tom Aspaul – Do It Well

Yellow Claw, Jack Ь & LNY TNZ – Ride Low

Zedd feat. Selena Gomez – I Want You To Know (Scout Remix)

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