Eptic & Habstrakt – On The Block (Original Mix)

Eptic & Habstrakt – On The Block (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - The talented pair – both renowned for their innovative approach to production, have conjured a funky bass stomper with ‘On The Block‘. Eptic says, “I’m so happy with the way this track turned out. Me and Adam have been wanting to do another project for ages and it has finally happened. Instead of going down the classic dubstep approach we decided to get our French on and make something you can cheese out in any type of set.” Habstrakt added, “The track has the purrfect cheese / love ratio for me. We couldn’t be happier that our first collab in years was ready in time for our b2b set at EDC Las Vegas. I like to see it as a good balance between my Frenchman house and Michael’s deep friendly Belgian basslines.” ’On The Block‘ grooves into action from the offset with an infectious house-style beat, allowing room for deep reverbs and changes of rhythm to become a point of focus. As the pulse resumes, the duo play around with gnarly vocal samples, moments of stillness and stuttering, distorted riffs. Offering a refreshing variant on the duo’s dubstep style, the highly stylised skills of each producer couldnt be more evident here… ‘On The Block‘ is a lesson in sound design.

2loop – Let’s Fly (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Arkitech, Rylan Taggart – Granville (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Ciro Visone – Roccia (Garry Noon Remix)

Ciro Visone – Roccia (Original Mix)

Dan Price – Wound (Original Mix) [100000/10]

Eleven.Five – Awkward Moment (Original Mix)

Eleven.Five – Gamble (Original Mix)

Hypaethrame – Me & My Broken Heart (Discrete Remix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Hypaethrame – Me & My Broken Heart (Liquid Vision Remix)

Hypaethrame – Me & My Broken Heart (Original Mix)

Icone – Superlead (Estigma Remix)

Icone – Superlead (Original Mix)

Johann Stone – Red Wedding (Original Mix)

Kriess Guyte – Galactic (Original Mix)

Luca Dean, Damian Dziechciarek – Back In Time, Far Away (Abide Remix)

Luca Dean, Damian Dziechciarek – Back In Time, Far Away (Original Mix)

Luca Dean, Damian Dziechciarek – Back In Time, Far Away (Skylex Remix)

Mario De Caine – Ankara (Original Mix)

Mario De Caine – Breath Of Summer (Original Mix)

Max Ivanovsky – Era (Original Mix)

Melbourne Bounce Project – MNML (Original Mix)

Mike Sanders – Ginger (Michael Flint Remix)

Mike Sanders – Ginger (Original Mix)

Mike Sanders – Ginger (Suplifth Remix)

Naian – Into U (Blusoul Into The Deep Remix)

Naian – Into U (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] - Naian, one of Saturate Audio‘s favorites, brings the magnificent “Into U“. Magical electronic melodies and slowly building themes that will uplift your senses. Blusoul the Greek producer debuts to our label, and delivers his “In the Deep” remix with his trademark deep progressive sounds. Amazing release for all tastes, deep Progressive & Trance!

Nero – Two Minds (Club Edit)

Nero – Two Minds (Dimension Remix)

Nero – Two Minds (Nero ’92 Minds Remix)

Nikolauss, ARCZI – Narayana (Chris SX Remix)

Nikolauss, ARCZI – Narayana (Original Mix)

Nomosk, Tory Vix – Secret Place (Psymes 2015 Remix)

Omega Drive – American Dream (Original Mix)

Omega Drive – Find Me If U Can (Original Mix)

Omega Drive – MIDI 1 (Original Mix)

Omega Drive – Number Of The Power (Original Mix)

Purelight – Influence (Original Mix)

R Stars – Glass (Original Mix)

SkyKeeper, Holbrook – Fade To Black (Original Mix)

SkyKeeper, Holbrook – Singularity (Original Mix)

SkyKeeper, Holbrook – Ursa Minor (Original Mix)

Swoan Mayer – Borderline Disturb (Chillout Mix)

Swoan Mayer – Borderline Disturb (Jhon Mash Remix)

Swoan Mayer – Borderline Disturb (Original Mix)

Swoan Mayer – Borderline Disturb (Tuxedo Remix)

Tribal Point – Hardline (Original Mix)

Ula – Meruem (Icedream Remix)

Ula – Meruem (Original Mix)

Ula – Meruem (Plutian Remix)

U-Mount – While The City Sleeps (Original Mix)

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