Akadian – Gallant (Maarcos Edit)


Akadian – Gallant (Maarcos Edit) [Buy @ Beatport]

Maarcos – Aurora (Original Mix)

4Tezian & FIGHT CLVB – Sugar Free (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] – Peak Hour Music welcomes this beast of a collboration from 4 Tezian & FIGHT CLVB who are fresh off releases for Wall Recordings, Dim Mak, Bonerizing, Ones To Watch (Mixmash) and more. ‘Sugar Free‘ is a sub heavy bassline driven club banger! SERIOUS low end on this track will rattle the walls.

Acid Test – Lest We Forget (Original Mix)

Andrea Marmiroli – Wonderful (Original Mix)

Annita van Halston – Devotion (Original Mix)

Boowas & Tallesan – Drummerang (Original Mix)

Carlo Lucca – New Young Again (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Cheb Five – Asylum (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport] – Brazilian import Cheb Five explodes onto the scene at Peak Hour Music with a percussion driven bass heavy track that takes un a ride through haunting vocals and blairing synths! The melody in this one is crazy leading into a massive build and drop that will dominate the room! Strap on your straight jackets we’re off to the Asylum!

Christish feat. Love Dimension – Apologize (Original Mix)

Colate – Lightship (Original Mix)

Da Force – Battlestation (Original Mix)

Da Force – Jabba (Original Mix)

Da Force – Optimistic Appraisal (Original Mix)

Dack Janiels – 40oz Bounce (Original Mix)

Dack Janiels – Black Metal (Original Mix)

Dack Janiels – Hate Lames (Original Mix)

Dack Janiels – Popshit (Original Mix)

Dack Janiels – South Central (Original Mix)

David Wiegand – Fire (Original Mix)

Deways – Idol (Original Mix)

Diver – Silence Please (Original Mix) [100000/10][Buy @ Beatport]

Escadia – Remember Me (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Frank Kohnert – Locomotive (Original Mix)

Harry & Stone feat. Merc – Rising High (Mark Eworth Remix)

Harry & Stone feat. Merc – Rising High (Original Mix)

Harry & Stone feat. Merc – Rising High (Steve Morley Remix)

I.Y.F.F.E – Wonderground (Original Mix)

Jaydee – Dance With Me (Mix 1) [Buy @ Beatport]

Jeremy Prisme – Protector (Original Mix)

Kepler – Bounce To The Beat (Original Mix)

Kepler – Wildlife (Original Mix)

Las Salinas – The Drunken Clam (Original Mix)

Lefty – This Is The One (Original Mix) [Buy @ Beatport]

Lowbre – Free Your Mind (Original Mix)

Olivier Giacomotto – Postgalactic (Original Mix)

Platinum Monkey – Dancing on the Sand (Oganes Remix)

Roger Sesena – Jungle (Original Mix)

Roy Malakian feat. Chris Jones – Vital Signs (Mike van Fabio & AxelPolo Remix)

Sam Rotstin – Ground Zero (Original Mix)

Sasha Stripe – Revelations (Original Mix)

Shingo Nakamura – Roro (Original Mix)

Tangle – Sahara (A.R.D.I. Remix)

Tempo Giusto – Benzin (Original Mix)

Tom Rogers – Frozen (Original Mix)

Tommy Baynen & Radical Effect – Unison (Original Mix)

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