Gregor Salto presents Kool Kids 3


Amazing release on Gregor Salto‘s label Moganga !!! Buy this release at Beatport.

Afro Bros – African Vibes (Original Mix)

Antoine Sigaud – I Feel Alive (Original Mix)

Boocky – Gostosa (Original Mix) [100000/10]

Castro – The Vibration Is International (Original Mix) [100000/10]

Dennis van der Geest – Call Of Duty (Original Mix) [100000/10]

Dominic Candela & Renato S – The Mexican (Original Mix) [100000/10]

Dominico & Sem – Aftersun (Original Mix) [100000/10]

Eric Faria feat. Marta Martins – Turn On (Original Mix)

Filip Le Frick – La Sonora (Original Mix) [100000/10]

Jota Pe – Drumfolk (Original Mix)

Phunk Le Chique – Bachata (Original Mix)

Phunk Le Chique – Besitos (Original Mix) [100000/10]

Sokarekta – Bruah (Original Mix)

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